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In last Sunday’s Gospel, we heard again about ‘doubting Thomas,’ the disciple who needed to touch the wounds of the suffering Christ before he could believe in the Resurrection and believe that the Jesus he had known was still with them as the Risen Christ.

Lots of us find comfort in this story: a fellow human, an Apostle and a chosen one had doubts too! And he received reassurance.

The poet Malcolm Guite had another perspective. He called Thomas courageous; willing to be vulnerable in the pain of those confusing days when all hope seemed dashed.

Thomas asked the difficult questions that others were afraid to voice: Was Jesus really here among us still?

Do we too need to be open and vulnerable, present to Christ in our world in the midst of our confusion?

Must we touch the wounds of the suffering peoples of our world and the scars of our suffering Earth in order to be assured and move forward with courage to the day of Pentecost?

You can click here to read the full poem.

Sister Rosemary Fry

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