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Collaborative Ministries

Ministries that are shared projects with other organizations.

Collaborative Network to End Exploitation

The Collaborative Network to End Exploitation is a community working to raise awareness about the spectrum of exploitation of human beings. Our goal is to inspire action for structural and societal change to prevent trafficking and mistreatment. It is a project of our Ministry for Social Justice, and Creation Care.


You can learn more below and check out our Migrant Workers Exercise, an experiential workshop where participants are led through some of the experiences of exploitation migrant workers face in Canada. Request the workshop for your parish, school, organization.

Joint Ecological Ministry

Joint Ecological Ministry (JEM) is a collaboration of religious communities and partners using their resources to promote caring for Creation and living within planetary limits.  Formed in 2014, the group gathers representatives of religious congregations for events that focus on collective action for climate change.  Topics explored include fossil fuel divestment, shareholder engagement, green/alternate investments, the Paris climate talks, government fossil fuel subsidies, decolonization, and roles of religious communities in the ethical recovery.


Migrants and Refugees

In 2003, we began a series of unique collaborations to aid newcomers to Canada. These include:

Becoming Neighbours
In 2003 a group of nineteen women and men religious congregations came together to assist immigrants and refugees as friends, guides and mentors during their initial adjustment to the country. They established a joint apostolic ministry, the first such effort in the city of Toronto. Becoming Neighbours is under the direction of Father Peter McKenna SCJ. Please visit the Becoming Neighbours website below for more information.

CSJ Project Hope
Since 2015, we have worked with our staff and volunteers to reach out with compassion in response to the plight of refugees.

We hope to make a difference in the lives of those fleeing their homeland by providing a place of welcome and safety. This is in keeping with item 45 of the Sisters' Constitutions: "We respond in collaboration with others… to create a society transformed by the values of the Gospel by which the dignity and freedom of every person is experienced and affirmed."

We work in collaboration with the Office for Refugees, Archdiocese of Toronto and others.

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