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Truth, reconciliation, and the rights of Indigenous peoples.

St. Joseph, Protector

Springs of Hope


Living into Sabbath

Stepping Up to a Smaller Foodprint

Water is the First Medicine

Re-imaging our Relationship with nature

The Call to Discipleship

Listening to the Heartbeat of God

Nine consecutive days of daily reflection.

Let your good actions be hidden in time and known only to God, that they may appear in eternity, or never appear if that be God’s will.

Be humble, since whatever you have, whatever you are, or whatever you do for yourself or others proceeds from the pure mercy and infinite condescension of


It is the same with hope: the more difficult your situation, and the less chance of success or of someone coming to your assistance, the more you need to trust


The month of November and the liturgical year are almost ended. We have so much to remember, ...

On October 7, 1851, four Sisters of St. Joseph came to Toronto from Philadelphia to care for children, left as orphans as a result of an epidemic of


Joint Ecological Ministry called on Catholics across Canada to unite and


Today is not only International Worker's Day, but also the Feast of St. Joseph the Worker. It is a day calling upon us to recognize the value of human work and to defend the dignity

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