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ww ed hopeIn this the holiest of weeks of the liturgical year, we accompany Jesus during his last week of human life and at the same time hold within us the suffering peoples of our world. As we move through these sad solemn days, can we ponder: who are we, who is Christ for us, and who is this great mystery we call God for us?

The war in Ukraine and the immense suffering of the peoples of Ukraine and Russia and all the interconnected peoples of our world seems like Christ’s passion and death lived out once more in our world with the forces of evil once again triumphing over the forces of love, compassion and mercy.

But wait, wait in silence and in hope. Answer these questions for yourself and for our world. Who is triumphant in the face of all evil? And how can we take part in this triumph?

First prize if you remember that this week ends with the Easter Vigil and the celebration of the Resurrection.

We are to be a people of hope; a people of joy.

Sister Rosemary Fry

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