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wis wedThe Season of Creation from September 1 until October 4, the Feast of St. Francis, is an ecumenical celebration of the beauty and diversity of the created world. This celebration contains with in it an invitation to grow in deeper love of all of creation.

When we love something, we care for it!

The other night, I was trying to think of an example of caring more carefully for something I really loved. Now, this example may seem very materialistic to you, but it was the one that came to me.

I imagined that I owned a kitten soft,
sky blue,
cashmere sweater.
I held its softness against my cheek
before slipping it over my head.
I cherished the feel of it against my arms.
I was especially careful not to spill anything on it.
I kept it neatly folded in tissue paper in my drawer,
with moth balls,
just in case a moth was tempted.
When it needed a wash,
I read the directions assiduously.
I bought special cold water soap and rinse for the procedure;
treating it to a special, by hand, wash.
I carefully placed it to dry
on a large fat towel
before it returned to my drawer
and its nest of tissue paper.

You get the idea!

When we love something, it is special for us. We treasure it, preserve it and care for it with exquisite delicacy.

Use each day during the Season of Creation to fall more deeply in love with the world around you.

Sister Rosemary Fry

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Out of deep respect for those who have cared for these lands since time immemorial, we are committed to tread lightly on the land, protect water as sacred, and affirm our desire for right relations with all Indigenous Peoples. - From our CSJ Land Acknowledgement

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