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wisdomwed2Why would a Sister of St. Joseph of Toronto write last week's reflection about the Jesuit’s celebration of St. Ignatius being hit by a cannonball when asked to write a Wisdom Wednesday for the CSJ website?

Well, it is a very long story spanning approximately 371 years since Father Jean-Pierre Médaille, a Jesuit missionary, brought together six mostly uneducated women with good hearts to serve their neighbors in the town of Le Puy in central France.

This Jesuit, steeped in the spirituality of St. Ignatius, the founder of his own religious order, patiently guided these women and all those who continued to join them in his own spirituality until his death in 1669.

He also left written documents which still inform our lives today as we celebrate 170 years of serving our neighbors in Toronto.

The Ignatian spiritual concept of finding God in all things guides each of us in our daily life.

Loyola Press: Finding God in All Things

By Sister Rosemary Fry

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Out of deep respect for those who have cared for these lands since time immemorial, we are committed to tread lightly on the land, protect water as sacred, and affirm our desire for right relations with all Indigenous Peoples. - From our CSJ Land Acknowledgement

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