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wwedcThis year is the 500th anniversary of the Battle of Pamplona when St. Ignatius was hit with the cannonball that totally changed his life.

One of the ways that the Jesuits are celebrating this year: producing videos about the 'cannonball moments' that others have experienced in their lives. These are the moments when they met Christ in a new and startling way and everything changed.

These videos can be viewed on YouTube in the Jesuits Global Cannonball Moments playlist.

Recently I read a quote from Pope Francis urging us all to pay attention to the graced cannonball moments when Christ enters our life in a particularly striking way.

“How inscrutable are the ways of the Lord! We experience this every day, but especially if we think back to the times when the Lord called us. We must never forget the time and the way in which God entered our lives: let us keep fixed in our hearts and minds that encounter with grace, when God changed our existence.”Pope Francis, June 30, 2021, San Damasco Courtyard

So, ask yourself: have you experienced a cannonball moment? What happened and how has your life been different from that moment on?

Sister Rosemary Fry

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