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wisdom wed prayer christian unityTo unite with one another,
we must love one another;
to love one another,
we must know one another;
to know one another,
we must go and meet one another.

Cardinal Mercier, a Belgian Thomistic scholar, famous for his support of the Belgian resistance during the First Word War wrote these words in his Testament. They are often quoted during this Week of Prayer for Christian Unity celebrated between the Feasts of St Peter and St Paul (January 18 – 25).

During this international and ecumenical week of prayer, Christians around the world join in praying for the fulfillment of Jesus' prayer at the Last Supper "that they all may be one." (John 17:21)

The aims of this week of prayer for unity fit so well with desire of Pope Francis; that we grow in listening to one another, accepting one another in all our diversity, and encouraging all, especially those on the margins, to participate in the life of the Church.

The best way to do this, as Cardinal Mercier says so well, is to grow in knowledge and love of one another.

Who will you reach out to meet and listen to during this Week of Prayer for Christian Unity?

Sister Rosemary Fry

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