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The apostles had to go through those dark days of fear and sadness: Good Friday, Saturday even Easter Sunday and what about the following days?

They waited, talking in hushed tones about all that had happened.

They recalled many of the Master’s words and pondered what they might mean in their present situation.

They clung together and relished the news that Jesus was no longer in the tomb, but what did it mean?

Sometimes the danger, the suffering, the loneliness and the grief are so great that really all we can do is cling to one another and wait. No Easter Alleluias yet.

Then when we sense the presence of the Christ among us, we are comforted even if still fearful.

The situation has not changed, the enemy is still there, and Christ’s Spirit has yet to come with the strength and courage we need.

But we sense the presence of the Risen Christ with us and are comforted and somehow able to be gentler and more loving with one another.

We wait. We long for the coming of your Spirit to enliven us, to strengthen us and to send us forth.

Sister Rosemary Fry

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