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Faith Connections

Spiritual Growth and Community Building for Young Adults

Events That Inspire

Looking for a place to discuss culture & politics? Wanting to get to know other young adults in the GTA? Curious about your faith? Interested in opportunities to give back to your community?

Welcoming young adults (aged 18 to 39), Faith Connections’ wide variety of events are inclusive places to meet young adults who are searching for ways to grow spiritually, deepen their faith, and build community. Anything from a visit to the AGO for “Christ and Culture” to a discussion on politics, the environment, faith or more at “Theology on Tap”, we welcome you to join us.

Our events are open to all young adults: single, married or divorced, differently abled, religious, students, employed or not, spiritually minded or struggling with their faith.

Spiritual Direction

As young adults, we often lead hectic, busy lives. In spiritual direction, we are invited to slow down and recognize the grace and presence of God in our lives. Some reasons you might want spiritual direction include:

  • To share disappointments, losses or struggles
  • To find affirmation and encouragement
  • For discernment in decisions
  • For support to integrate spirituality with daily life
Many spiritual directors will request a nominal fee while others may accept free-will donations or even volunteer their time. Faith Connections would be pleased to help you in your search for a spiritual director.

Creativity of Love

What does a “creativity of love” look like for a Canadian young adult? How can we “prepare a better time in these days”, when the reality of COVID-19 compresses our individual lives, and amplifies our collective struggles? During the Summer of 2020, we chose to take some time to listen to some unique perspectives and ask how we can be beside each other, in love, patience, and action.


From The Blog

We’re just about halfway through 2021 but, for many of us, the passage of time has been warped by the rigors of living through the COVID-19 pandemic.


The COVID-19 pandemic has made us acutely aware of two basic human impulses: the fear of death and our need for community. 

It is an unwritten rule of decorum that one does not talk about politics and religion in polite company. 

Connect With Us

Volunteer With Us

Volunteers make a big difference to our programs! We offer a variety of roles:

  • Bloggers who can write for our website about our various events
  • Greeters to welcome people at the door as they arrive
  • Crew members who can help with setup and cleaning at events
  • Photographers who can use their creativity to capture our events
  • Facilitators who would like to share their special skills with young adults such as: public speakers, scripture scholars, liturgical dancers, etc.
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