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schiefariSabrina Chiefari, our CSJ Creation Care Animator, is part of a national ecumenical delegation attending the the Conference of Parties (COP26). She has written a reflection on the future of our planet and the urgent need for climate action.

November 5th, 2021, will be my 37th birthday. In the UK, that date holds a bit more fame for its Guy Fawkes festivities. This year, at COP26 in Glasgow, it will be the day to focus on “youth and public empowerment” by “Elevating the voice of young people and demonstrating the critical role of public empowerment and education in climate action.”

Ah, youth. I’m hardly one to wax nostalgic for bygone days, but I can’t help but think about how different my “youth” was to those who have been able to journey to COP26, or the late-September #Youth4Climate pre-COP summit in Milan.

Please click here to read Sabrina's reflection on the For the Love of Creation website.

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