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Julie Cachia, our CSJ Vocation Animator, has a question for you.

Vocations Ad Sept 27 2021You are God’s beloved child. He loves you very much! You were wonderfully and uniquely created to love and serve others through your gifts and talents.

Regardless of your state of life, God is continually awakening a desire within you for something more, to be who you were created to be out of love and for love. A vocation is an attraction moving you towards expressing your potential to live it out and serve others.

So, I ask you: do you feel called by God to serve?

Do you have:

  • Special gifts and talents that you want to share with others?
  • A desire to live a life of service, spirituality and faith?
  • A sense that you are called by God?

As Vocation Animator for the Sisters of St. Joseph of Toronto, my role is to share the life and ministries of the Sisters with you through an invitation of prayer, reflection and conversations. Let’s listen to the movements of your heart as you journey with us to be and to become, what God wants you to be in nature, in grace, in love and service to others.

Perhaps you are a person who feels drawn to social justice;

someone who feels empathy and care for those who suffer due to systemic inequalities in our society and economy, someone who wants to spend more time nurturing God's creations, and you are looking for volunteer roles and meaningful opportunities to make a difference in this world.

Perhaps you are someone searching for spirituality;

you wish to continue to live the life you have built, but are seeking Christ's unifying love in the world around you, and you are searching for a faith community that is guided by the Sisters mission & values and love for God and neighbour even as you pursue your own path.

Perhaps you feel called to do something special;

you are drawn to a life of service to God, you feel stirred to be a part of community that is committed to prayer and discernment, dedicated to the Gospel, and devoted to serving people in need.

Perhaps you are looking for ways to share your gifts;

to find all the ways in which your talents can bear fruit for everyone living on our troubled planet, searching for a place in this post-pandemic world where you can make a difference.

Perhaps in reading this,

you feel a connection and longing, a desire to take a first step on a journey that may lead you to a volunteer role, a community of faith that you might want to join, or even possibly a life of service among women religious.

Perhaps you should get in touch

with me via email, over the phone or even by post, and together, we can discuss and explore how the Sisters of St. Joseph of Toronto might walk with you as you seek faith, love, spirituality and community in your life.

God has shown you,

O people, what is good.

And what does God, ask of you?

To act justly, to love tenderly, and to walk humbly with your God. - Micah 6:8

Julie Cachia, Vocation Animator

T: 416-467-2646 | This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

101 Thorncliffe Park Drive Toronto, ON M4H 1M2

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