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Creativity00 Wednesday March 10

We join with the Earth and with each other.

We join together as many and diverse expressions of one loving mystery for the healing of the Earth and the renewal of all life. Amen.

We are all co-creators with the Divine and gifted with creativity.

Yet, we think, “I’m not creative. I can’t sing, play an instrument, paint, write poetry.” Often, we fail to recognize ordinary daily actions as creative works.

During this pandemic we have observed countless examples of positive creativity as well as breakdown in people, and in multiple systems which are crying for transformation.

Matthew Fox is a theologian and author of numerous books dealing with creation-centered spirituality and mysticism. In his 2004 book, Creativity, he comments that during times of chaos, if we use justice and compassion creatively, then what we create and give life to will serve future generations and other species instead of destroying them.

Concerning the power of love and compassion, Clarissa Estes, a psychotherapist, writes in her book Women Who Run With The Wolves, “It is the love of something – whether a person, a word, an image, an idea, the land, or humanity- that all that can be done with the overflow (of love) is to create. It is not a matter of wanting to, not a singular act of will: one solely must.”

To create is a choice. Below, I offer a simple creative exercise. If you choose to do it, you may be surprised where the journey will take you. Enjoy!

Requirements: 1 paper circle (about 8 inches in diameter), a few magazines, newspapers etc. with various images, scissors, glue.

07b Wednesday March 17Ask the Holy Spirit to open your eyes and heart as you begin your creation.

Flip through your magazines, tearing out images that attract your attention and pop out at you. Choose spontaneously, conscious of your feelings, not analyzing. One picture may cause laughter, another tears.

Arrange images on your circle. Images may overlap or extend outside circle.

Cut out words, phrases from magazines to use with images.

Glue your images and words on circle.

What does your creation say to you? What feelings arose?

Were you excited, angry, proud, unsettled, hopeful, challenged to make a change regarding Earth, lifestyle, friendships, social justice, or anything else?

O God, Creator of the universe
We praise and thank you
for sharing a spark of your divinity
with all of creation.
Increase our acceptance
of our own creativity.
Open our eyes and understanding
to see the radiance
that every creation has.

  • Sister Betty Lou Knox

By Sisters Betty Lou Knox, Mary Mettler and Janet Speth, CSJ
Painting and photo by Sister Betty Lou Knox


Out of deep respect for those who have cared for these lands since time immemorial, we are committed to tread lightly on the land, protect water as sacred, and affirm our desire for right relations with all Indigenous Peoples. - From our CSJ Land Acknowledgement

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