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Sister Virginia's Artbook

Sister Virginia Varley is a Sister of St. Joseph of Toronto and a self-described abstract artist.

In her book, Alive Through Play: Challenged by Art Mediums, Sister Virginia shares “some of the deep reflection on my own paintings and the layers of newly found realities that have emerged for me.” The book features 48 of her paintings with Sister Virginia's comments on each piece.

Because “painting is a spiritual work for me,” this book is both a beautiful showcase of her art and, through her reflections, an invitation for the reader to stop and contemplate one’s own life experience.

In her introduction, Sister Virginia says that “this is a book not for reading but one to be dipped into and pondered.”

Alive Through Play is available for a one-time donation of $30 to Fontbonne Ministries. Shipping is included. Contributions in excess of $30 are eligible for a tax receipt.


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